Abuse from the home to the courthouse and back again

The twist of irony …people trying to flee from abuse in the home only wind up having to deal with abuse in the courthouse. The system is broken. Plagued by favors owed and political and mutually beneficial relationships that deny the public and “non-connected” attorneys due process.

I have seen too much and it’s clear that the system needs to change, but will it?

Choosing judges who are not versed on the law ….who do not have the fitness of character ….who are need of extra $$$$….and who owe their careers to the local political attorneys and organizations have proven disastrous and dangerous. Favors are owed ….memories are long ….acceptance is paramount …promotions sought …..all at the price of integrity, fairness, and due process.

We need a system based on merits, checks and balances, and oversight and accountability. We unequivocally are lacking these essential components that comprise a just legal system.

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